You need to make a 1 L solution of 50 mM Tris HCl pH 7.9, 150 mM NaCl. You have stock solution of...


You need to make a {eq}1 \ L {/eq} solution of {eq}50 \ mM {/eq} Tris {eq}HCl \ pH \ 7.9, \ 150 \ mM \ NaCl {/eq}. You have stock solution of {eq}1.5 \ M {/eq} Tris and {eq}5 \ M \ NaCl {/eq}. How would you make this solution?


Dilution is a method of preparing a solution in which a stock solution is needed to have a solution with a concentration less than the stock solution. This is often used in assays because it is easier to pipet out a certain volume than to weigh a certain mass in an analytical balance.

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The volumes of the stock solution needed to prepare the desired concentrations will be calculated.

{eq}\rm Volume\ of\ Tris-HCl\ stock\ solution =...

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