Write the net ionic reaction for {eq}\displaystyle \rm Ba(NO_3)_2 {/eq} and {eq}\displaystyle \rm Na_2SO_4 {/eq}.


Write the net ionic reaction for {eq}\displaystyle \rm Ba(NO_3)_2 {/eq} and {eq}\displaystyle \rm Na_2SO_4 {/eq}.

Solubility Rules:

Experimental chemists have arrived at a set of empirical rules, called the solubility rules, telling us what salts are soluble and which ones are completely insoluble. When solutions of two salts are mixed, their cations and anions dissociate and may combine with each other to form insoluble salts called precipitates. These settle to the bottom of the test tube. When writing the corresponding chemical equation, these precipitates are indicated with the state of matter '(s)', meaning solid.

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When the two salts barium nitrate and sodium sulfate are reacted together, the free ions present are barium and sodium cations, and nitrate and...

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