Why was the Pergamon Altar built?


Why was the Pergamon Altar built?

The Pergamon Altar

The Pergamon Altar is an ancient religious and political structure located in the city of Pergamon (also: Pergamum or Pergamos) erected during the reign of the Attalid king, Eumenes II, sometime in the early 2nd century BCE. It is constructed primarily from high-quality marble and features the iconic Ionic architectural order.

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According to historical records and archaeological evidence, it is generally believed that the Pergamon Altar, dedicated to the Greek god Zeus and goddess Athena Nikephoros, was built to commemorate the successful creation of a political alliance between the city of Pergamon and the Republic of Rome (Treaty of Apamea) and for the defeat of the Galatian Celts and their leader, Ortiagon in 184 BCE. It is also possible, though debated, that the Altar might also have been constructed as a general monument to Pergamene military and political victories.

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