Why was the location of the Battle of Quebec important?


Why was the location of the Battle of Quebec important?

Continental Army:

While the British had a well-trained and organized army at the start of the American Revolution, the Second Continental Congress needed to start from scratch. They had to organize an army, place generals in charge, begin plans for conscription, and locate funds and supplies for the troops. General George Washington was the man charged with the task of then organizing and leading these new forces.

Answer and Explanation:

There were actually two battles of Quebec in North America. The first was on September 13, 1759, during the French and Indian War. The battle was a large victory for the British and enabled the British to cripple the French forces. Although the war did not end until 1763, this French defeat foreshadowed the war's end and eventual British control of the Canadian lands. The second Battle of Quebec took place during the American Revolution, on December 31, 1775. This attack was a defeat for the Continental Army and signified the end to any hope of getting Canada on the side of the patriots in the Revolution. The battle also forced the Continental Army to rethink its strategy, which meant they would no longer invade Canada for the remainder of the war.

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