Why was the Julian calendar important?


Why was the Julian calendar important?

Julius Caesar:

Julius Caesar (100 BCE-44 BCE) was a Roman general and statesman credited with the invention of the Julian calendar in 46 BCE. Julius Caesar first implemented this new calendar on January 1, 45 BCE.

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The Julian Calendar was a reformation of the ancient Roman calendar of antiquity. It divided the year into 365 days spread out across 12 months and was designed to more accurately match the solar calendar (as opposed to a lunar or seasonal calendar). Moreover, it introduced the concept of the leap year, which occurs once every four years. At the time of its conception, the calendar employed by the ancient Romans was considered to be inaccurate, especially when compared to its contemporary Egyptian counterpart. The Julian Calendar laid the groundwork for future calendars, notably the Gregorian Calendar, which was first developed in 1582.

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