Why was Baron von Steuben important to the American Revolution?


Why was Baron von Steuben important to the American Revolution?

Baron von Steuben:

Baron von Steuben was born Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben at Magdeburg fortress in Prussia in 1730. He spent most of his childhood in Russia with his father, who was in the military, before moving to Germany at the age of 10. From a young age, Steuben's father influenced his life through his military career. At the age of 17, Steuben joined the military as a Prussian officer. He became a soldier in the Seven Years' War and served in Russia periodically after the war. Steuben's military career brought him to France, where he met Benjamin Franklin. He wanted Franklin to write a letter of recommendation for him to join the American forces during the American Revolutionary War. Franklin was impressed by Steuben's military work and offered to write the letter and send it to General George Washington. In 1777, Steuben was shipped to America to fight for American independence from Great Britain under Washington's command. Washington put Steuben in charge of helping him command his soldiers with military training. Initially, Washington gave Steuben the title of Inspector General, but Washington became so impressed with Steuben's work that he gave him the rank of Major General.

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At the start of the American Revolutionary War, General George Washington worried how he would train civilians to become soldiers and defeat the...

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