Why was Alexander II assassinated?


Why was Alexander II assassinated?

Alexander II:

Alexander II (1818 - 1881) was the Czar of Russia from 1855 to 1881. Alexander was known for his many social reforms for the Russian Empire, including the end of serfdom.

Who Was Alexander II?

  • Alexander Nikolaevich was born in Moscow, Russia during the Tsarist period on April 29, 1818.
  • Alexander was the eldest son of Tsar Nicholas I, making him the heir apparent to the Tsarist throne of Russia.
  • After his father's death on March 2, 1855, Alexander ascended to the Tsarist throne and became the new Emperor of Russia. He was coronated as Alexander II on September 7, 1856.
  • Alexander is known for being one of the most reform-minded liberal leaders in the history of Tsarist Russia. Some of his most noteworthy reforms include the ending of serfdom, the abolition of corporal punishment, the reorganization of the judicial system, the promotion of local government, and ending some privileges that were formerly only given to members of the Russian aristocracy.
  • Alexander survived multiple assassination attempts during his reign. He was finally killed after an assassin threw a bomb that exploded near Alexander's carriage. The Tsar died from his wounds in Saint Petersburg on March 13, 1881.

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