Why is horse serum used in cell culture?


Why is horse serum used in cell culture?

Serum Requirements

A variety of different serum types are used in cell culture with two of the most common being fetal bovine and horse serum. In addition, to their animal of origin, serums of the same type vary in their formulations and level of purity. Choosing the correct serum type is highly dependent upon the growth characteristics of the cell line being cultured; different cell lines have different requirements when it comes to serum. All serum regardless of its source must be free of contaminants and have low endotoxin levels. In order to ensure these conditions are met, the serum must be collected in a sterile manner and sufficiently filtered; in addition, quality control testing should be performed. Many serum samples will be accompanied by a Certificate of Origin that not only details where and when the serum was collected, but the measures that were used to ensure sterility and performance.

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All serum, regardless of its origin is added to cell culture media to provide the cells with important proteins, hormones, and growth factors that...

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