Why do people have night sweats?


Why do people have night sweats?


Sweat, also known as perspiration, is the secretion of fluid through the skin in many species of mammal. Sweat is produced by glands located across the skin, allowing the body to remain cool following an increase in body temperature.

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There are a variety of different reasons why someone might get night sweats. Most obviously, night sweats are caused by a person being too hot when they sleep. But if that is not the case, night sweating can be indicative of another health issue. In older women, menopause often causes hot flashes that can lead to night sweats. Many bacterial infections also cause excessive sweating during the night, as would any type of infection that would cause a fever. Other conditions that might cause night sweating are low blood sugar, certain hormone disorders, medication side effects, and, more seriously, specific types of cancers like lymphoma. Finally, there is an idiopathic condition called hyperhydrosis, in which a person's body produces excessive sweat for no discernible reason.

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