Who ruled Japan after Toyotomi Hideyoshi?


Who ruled Japan after Toyotomi Hideyoshi?

The Founders of Modern Japan

Toyotomi Hideyoshi represents one of the three most important figures in modern Japanese history, and one of the three founders of modern Japan. His administrative reforms and visions for solidifying Oda Nobunaga's unification of Japan formed the basis for the subsequent government of Japan for hundreds of years after his death.

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Immediately following his death, Hideyoshi appointed the Council of Five Elders to serve as regents during the minority of his son, Toyotomi Hideyori. However, it did not take long for one of these, Tokugawa Ieyasu, to seize upon the instability of the Council and assert his own claim to power, which he solidified in 1600. His Tokugawa Shogunate would rule Japan until 1868

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