Who founded Maine?


Who founded Maine?

State of Maine:

The state of Maine was once part of New Hamshire, and at a later date was annexed by Massachusetts. It wasn't until March 15, 1820, that Maine joined the union of the United States as an independent state.

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Englishman Sir Ferdinando Gorges (1568-1647) is considered to be the founder of Maine and is the one that gave the state its name. He received the title to the land sometime circa 1622 from the Council for New England. However, Maine is a bit complicated.

Before Maine was Maine, it had French, and then English settlements. The French established Acadia, which included parts of what is now Maine and Canada in 1604. Next, there was an English settlement called the Fort Popham Colony which was established by the Plymouth Company in 1607, the same year that Jamestown, Virginia was founded; this colony, however, failed. In the 1620s, when Gorges received his land grant, the English came into conflict with the French who tried claiming Maine for themselves. After the French and Indian Wars, the territory became officially part of the English colonies.

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