Who built Wat Arun in Bangkok?


Who built Wat Arun in Bangkok?

Wat Arun:

The Wat Arun Ratchawaramahawihan, often referred to as simply the Wat Arun, is a Buddhist temple located in Bangkok, Thailand. A wat is a Thai term for a temple that has been sponsored by the state, constructed either by royalty or by a private citizen for public use. In addition to serving as a religious center, the Thai wats could be used more broadly as schools, libraries, and community meeting places. The Wat Arun is considered architecturally significant due to its central spire, called a prang, which is covered in porcelain.

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The Wat Arun was constructed during the reigns of Rama II and Rama III, a father and son who were both members of the Chakri Dynasty. Rama II was...

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