Who are the Quechua?


Who are the Quechua?

Potato Diversity and Variety:

The Quechua originally domesticated potatoes thousands of years ago, and have today produced thousands of varieties of tubers. There are 5,000 varieties and seven different species of potato still grown in and around the Andes today. Potatoes were developed for both valley zones as well as frost-resistant high-altitude varieties that can survive on alpine tundra at heights of 4,300 meters (14,100 feet). The potato helped provide a reliable source of food, and aided by developments in irrigation, the first larger populations were able to grow and sustain themselves in the valleys around the Andes mountains. Today, efforts have been made to conserve the genetic diversity of the potato varieties developed by the Quechua people to prevent them from dying out or being lost.

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The Quechua are populations of indigenous peoples in South America. There are Quecha located across the Andes, most notably in Peru, Ecuador, northern...

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