Which of these will make a good buffer? a) H2CO3 and CO3^2- b) H2PO4^- and HPO2^2- c) H2O and...


Which of these will make a good buffer?

a) {eq}H_2CO_3 {/eq} and {eq}CO_3^{2-} {/eq}

b) {eq}H_2PO_4^- {/eq} and {eq}HPO_2^{2-} {/eq}

c) {eq}H2O {/eq} and {eq}NaOH {/eq}

d) {eq}H_2O {/eq} and {eq}HCl {/eq}


Buffers are solutions that are used to control the pH of the solution. They can do so by preventing drastic changes in the pH of the solution when strong acids and bases are added into the solution. Buffers are composed of acidic and basic components.

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The answer is b) {eq}H_2PO_4^- {/eq} and {eq}HPO_2^{2-} {/eq}.

Buffers can be prepared by mixing a weak acid and conjugate base or a weak base...

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