Which of the following processes and concepts is not a part of the "scientific method"? a....


Which of the following processes and concepts is not a part of the "scientific method"?

a. experiment

b. observation

c. model

d. speculation

e. law

The Scientific Method:

Perhaps the earliest proponent of what has become the modern scientific method is the English philosopher Roger Bacon, who emphasized the need for an empirical basis to knowledge, in opposition to Aristotle's dependence on imagination and inspiration for his ideas. Bacon wrote and published a very large set of works in which he worked out the need for various steps in verifying a statement as true or false.

More recent philosophers like Karl Popper, Paul Feyerabend, Thomas Kuhn, etc, as well as some mainstream scientists with a philosophical bent (like Einstein) have continued to debate on what aspects of the scientific process need to be modified to suit current knowledge.

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The scientific method is clearly defined as beginning with a set of raw data (or measurements), based on which a hypothesis (educated guess) is made....

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