Which of the following functional groups are o,p-directing? a) Br, CH2CH3, NH2 b) Cl, NH2, COOH...


Which of the following functional groups are o,p-directing?

a) {eq}Br, CH_2CH_3, NH_2 {/eq}

b) {eq}Cl, NH_2, COOH {/eq}

c) {eq}I, SO_3H, OH {/eq}

d) {eq}OCH_3, Cl, COCH_3 {/eq}

e) {eq}NO_2, CH_3, OH {/eq}

Ortho-Para Directing Functional Group:

In the aromatic electrophilic substitution reaction, the functional group present on the benzene ring directs the attack of the electrophile, that at which position the electrophile is substituted is decided by the nature of the already existing functional group. The groups which increase the electron density at o,p- positions are known as ortho-para directing functional groups.

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a) {eq}\rm Br, CH_2CH_3, NH_2 {/eq}

All the given functional groups are electron donating groups (activating groups), so, they enhance the electron...

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