Which of the following compounds are organic? (a) CH_3F (b) C_6H_{12}O (c) SO_2 (d)...


Which of the following compounds are organic?

(a) {eq}CH_3F {/eq}

(b) {eq}C_6H_{12}O {/eq}

(c) {eq}SO_2 {/eq}

(d) {eq}Cu(NH_3)6Cl_2 {/eq}

Organic Compounds

In general, compounds that contain the element carbon are defined as organic. The exception to this rule is that carbides, carbonates and cyanides are not considered organic. Organic compounds can contain other elements, the most common of which are hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. If the carbon atom in an organic ligand shares a bond with a metal atom it is considered an organometallic compound.

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We have 4 compounds to consider:

(a) {eq}CH_3F {/eq}

(b) {eq}C_6H_{12}O {/eq}

(c) {eq}SO_2 {/eq}

(d) {eq}Cu(NH_3)6Cl_2 {/eq}

Examples a) and...

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