Which is the most informative heading about choosing typefaces? In other words, which one could...


Which is the most informative heading about choosing typefaces? In other words, which one could the reader use to get the main idea without reading the paragraph below it?

A) Choose Typefaces for Your Reader

B) Typefaces and Your Writing

C) Choose Serif Typefaces to Allow for Faster Reading

D) How to choose a Typeface

Paragraph Writing:

The paragraph is a piece of information written using words and sentences that are not very long. It provides the user information related to the context, and users find it easy to understand because of its concise nature.

Answer and Explanation:

The correct option is D.) How to choose a Typeface.

A typeface is a design method that includes using different letters and sizes to make the words look more appealing and eye soothing. Typefaces can also be termed fonts in a computer system. While writing a paragraph related to any topic, there must be a heading before that. A heading is an important part of any paragraph because it makes the paragraph clearer and is also used to get an idea related to the paragraph by reading the heading. From the above given heading for the paragraph, the most suited is 'How to choose a Typeface' because it is precise and illustrative and tells the users that the paragraph is about choosing a typeface.

Reasons for incorrect options:

Option A.) is incorrect because a heading is more clear if written in third person style, but the above heading is written in second person form; it is not appropriate to use.

Option B.) is incorrect because the heading above is not illustrative and does not provide an idea about the paragraph. Along with that, it is written in second person style.

Option C.) is incorrect because the heading above states to use Serif typeface, a specific font on the computer, and does not resemble all the typefaces. Hence, it is incorrect.

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