Which cranial bone contains the inner ear?


Which cranial bone contains the inner ear?

Inner Ear:

The ear can be separated into three parts: the outer ear, which contains the visible part of the ear or auricle and the ear canal; the middle ear which contains the eardrum, the bones of the middle ear; and the inner ear which contains the oval window, the cochlea,m semicircular canals, and vestibule.

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The cranial bone that contains the inner ear is the temporal bone. The temporal bones are located on the lower lateral walls on either side of the skull. The temporal bone can be split into 5 distinct parts: the squamous section, the zygomatic process, the tympanic section, the styloid process, and the petromastoid section. The tympanic section surrounds the external auditory opening, and the petromastoid section contains parts of the middle and inner ear; specifically, the petrous part contains the inner ear.

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