Which Asian capital was formerly known as Edo?


Which Asian capital was formerly known as Edo?

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Japan is a major country within Asia. It's an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean with over 127 million inhabitants. Japan transformed from imperialism, to become a constitutional monarchy that embraced industrialization.

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Tokyo, the capital of Japan, was formally known as Edo. This region was ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate between 1603 and 1868. During and after the Tokugawa reign, the city developed from a centralized military center into an industrial complex. The region was centered around Edo Castle, and the city was secured by various walls and moats.

The Edo Period was a time of cultural and religious growth. Shinto and Confucianism were embraced, along with the major religion of the region, Buddhism. The region witnessed economic growth, and by 1721, Edo became the world's most populated city with 1 million inhabitants. After the imperial rule came to an end, the city was renamed to Tokyo.

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