What was life like under the Tokugawa shogunate?


What was life like under the Tokugawa shogunate?

Tokugawa Shogunate:

During the medieval era of Japanese history, the true power lay not with the emperor but the shogun. As the supreme military commander, he led the national government, while emperors largely were left to influence art and culture.

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Life under the Tokugawa shogunate was very stratified, with different roles for different social groups. The daimyo lords had the most wealth and power, capable of building castles and towns, having almost total control over their land. Beneath them, the samurai warrior class had little money themselves, but great prestige and privilege. Merchants could grow wealthy, but were less well-respected than nobles. At the bottom of the social ladder were simple farmers, the majority of the population, who were tied to their lord and spent their lives in basic poverty.

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