What volume of the 1.5 M copper sulfate is required to make 250 mL of 1.03 M copper sulfate...


What volume of the {eq}1.5\ M {/eq} copper sulfate is required to make {eq}250\ mL {/eq} of {eq}1.03\ M {/eq} copper sulfate solution?

Dilution of Solutions:

For the dilution of solutions, we can prepare for the dilution of solutions through computing the volume of the stock solution of a certain volume to a diluted solution of known volume and concentration. We can use the equation, {eq}\displaystyle M_1 V_1 = M_2V_2 {/eq}, where {eq}\displaystyle M {/eq} is the molarity and {eq}\displaystyle V {/eq} is the volume, while the subscripts depict either the stock or diluted solution.

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Determine the volume, {eq}\displaystyle V_1 {/eq}, of the stock solution with a concentration of {eq}\displaystyle M_1 = 1.5\ M {/eq}, that would be...

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