What volume in mL of a 0.0992 M NaOH solution is required to reach the endpoint in the complete...


What volume in mL of a 0.0992 M {eq}NaOH {/eq} solution is required to reach the endpoint in the complete titration of a 15.0 mL sample of 0.107 M {eq}H_3PO_4 {/eq}?

Determine if each of the following substances is acidic, basic, or neutral. Also, calculate the {eq}H_3O^+ {/eq} and {eq}OH^- {/eq} concentration of the solutions.

End Point:

At the end point of the reaction, the reaction undergoes completion and the amount of the both the substance, that are acid and base becomes equal. The following equation is used to determine the concentration or volume of any substance required to reach the end point of the reaction:

{eq}\rm M_1V_1 = M_2 V_2 {/eq}

Here, 1 and 2 indicate the solutions

M and V indicate the molarity and volume respectively.

Answer and Explanation: 1

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We are given:

  • Molarity of NaOH = {eq}\rm 0.0992\ M {/eq}
  • Molarity of {eq}\rm H_3PO_4 = 0.107\ M {/eq}
  • Volume of {eq}\rm H_3PO_4 = 15.0\ mL {/eq}


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