What type of blood antigens are expressed if a person is AB-?


What type of blood antigens are expressed if a person is AB-?

The Blood and Antigens:

Blood is comprised of two major components. Plasma is the liquid portion, which is mainly water. Dissolved gases, proteins, ions, nutrients, hormones, and waste products from cell metabolism are also found in the plasma. Formed elements are the solid portion of blood, which makes up just under fifty percent of the blood volume. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets consist of this portion. Antigens are substances which will trigger an immune response from the white blood cells.

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Our red blood cells may contain certain proteins, called antigens, displayed on the membrane of the cells. Antigen "A" and Antigen "B" are the antigens which comprise the ABO blood typing system. An additional antigen, the Rh factor, determines if blood is positive or negative. A person with blood AB- has both the Antigen "A" and Antigen "B" present on its membrane, while the Rh factor is not present.

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