What step in the writing process comes right before outlining?


What step in the writing process comes right before outlining?

The Writing Process

The writing process is the process by which an essay is created. You will learn this process during high school and/or college and will need to learn it to succeed in both. If you ever have had an assignment that required writing an essay, you will be familiar with the writing process.

Answer and Explanation:

The step that comes right before outlining in the writing process is brainstorming, which is part of the stage of prewriting, the first step in the writing process.

Brainstorming involves thinking of ideas for your paper and writing them down to have with you for reference when you begin to outline and write your paper. It also helps you to develop ideas if you are at a loss for them when you are first assigned the essay.

But brainstorming is not the only way to develop ideas for your paper. Other prewriting methods include freewriting and clustering will also help you generate ideas for your paper. Freewriting involves writing ideas about your subject freely, as they come to you, in a journal or on a piece of paper, and clustering involves writing one main idea on a piece of paper, then writing ideas related to it, connecting them to the main idea.

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