What started the American Revolution?


What started the American Revolution?

American Revolution:

The American Revolution was an event of far-reaching impact both in North American and beyond. It has proven inspirational for many other independence movements around the globe in the years since 1775.

Answer and Explanation:

The immediate event that began the American Revolution was the skirmish on Lexington Green between local colonists and the British Army on April 19 of 1775. The British had left the nearby city of Boston in order to confiscate weapons that colonists were rumored to have stockpiled in Concord. Because only 77 people faced the British at Lexington, compared to 700 British troops, the "battle" was over in just a few minutes. It remains unknown which side fired the first shot at Lexington, but this was the first act of open warfare between the American colonists and their British opponents. It was followed by a larger engagement on the British return from Concord the same day, in which American colonists continually harassed the British on their march back to Boston. Casualties for the day vary a little depending on which source is consulted but were 90-100 Americans and 270 or so for the British.

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