What kingdom did Narmer rule?


What kingdom did Narmer rule?

The Two Egypts:

Throughout its early history, Ancient Egypt was divided into two Kingdoms, though even these were not always united. The first was Upper Egypt, to the South, which existed at upstream from Lower Egypt, which occupied the northern portion of the Nile as it flowed into the sea, as well as the coastal region. These two areas were rich and powerful regions divided by distance but united by their reliance on the Nile.

Answer and Explanation:

Narmer, who was perhaps Menes, was a King of Upper Egypt who ruled somewhere around 3050 BCE and who helped unite Upper and Lower Egypt. He ruled them as one Kingdom, but they would famously have two different crowns, to represent that they were two realms united in one person and dynasty. Egypt would break apart and unite many times over thousands of years, but it seems to be Narmer who first unified them.

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