What kind of sonnets did William Shakespeare write?


What kind of sonnets did William Shakespeare write?

Shakespeare's Sonnets:

A complete collection of Shakespeare's sonnets was first published in 1609 titled SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS. Neuer before Imprinted. While we have access to all these sonnets today, they're still shrouded by the same mystery that surrounds Shakespeare's life outside his writing. While scholars know the collection was dedicated to one Mr. W.H. as typed in the original book, no one has yet to find out who Mr. W.H. was. In the same way, while its clear the poetry is romantic, there remains speculation as to whether Shakespeare was writing about a man or a woman, whether he was writing about different lovers or even whether these sonnets were a story rather than reflections of the poet's personal life.

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In terms of subject, most of Shakespeare's sonnets are about love. Whether it be admiration, vows of eternal love, or heartbreak and despair,...

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