What kind of compound is urea?


What kind of compound is urea?

Natural Compound:

Urea is a compound, which means it's made up of two or more chemical elements. This compound is found naturally in urine and is often used in fertilizers. Its chemical formula is: H2NCONH2.

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Also known as carbamide, urea is a diamide (compound comprised of elements within two amide groups) formed from carbonic acid.

Comprised of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, urea is the byproduct of the breakdown of proteins within the bodies of mammals. When the proteins breakdown, the amino groups are separated from their corresponding amino acids. The separated amino groups become ammonia, which is then transformed to urea; this process occurs in the liver.

While urea is naturally occurring in the body, it can be synthetically reproduced. This occurs when ammonia and liquid carbon dioxide are combined under intense pressure and heat. When the pressure lowers, the compound transforms into urea and water.

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