What is the visual area?


What is the visual area?

Lobes of the visual area:

The visual area contains a lot of neurons and is made up of two lobes - the occipital lobe and the temporal lobe. The occipital lobe is in charge of processing visual information, while the temporal lobe processes auditory information. These lobes are located on either side of the head, just above the eyebrows.

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The visual area is a common term used when referring to the space between the eyes. It is also referred to as the foveal vision, a small central region of the retina with high acuity. The visual area is the area of the brain involved in processing visual information. It is found in the occipital lobe, which is in the back of the brain. The visual area has two functions: it processes what we see and creates a map of what we see. The map helps us make sense of our surroundings and find things like our hands, feet, or eyes. This map is used when we learn how to do new activities that require a lot of hand-eye coordination, like playing baseball or piano.

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