What is the percent copper in the sulfate salt {eq}\displaystyle \rm [Cu(NH_3)_4]^{2+} {/eq}


What is the percent copper in the sulfate salt {eq}\displaystyle \rm [Cu(NH_3)_4]^{2+} {/eq}

Transition Metals Ions:

The metals that make up much of the middle of the periodic table are the transition metals. They are the type of metals most of us think of as metals and contain silver, gold, platinum, and other precious metals. The characteristic that sets these metals apart from the Group 1 and 2 metals is the presence of d electrons in their outer energy levels which gives them their properties.

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The percent of copper in the sulfate salt is 48.2%.

Find the molar mass of {eq}Cu(NH_3)_4^{2+} = 63.5\: g/mol + 4\: (17.0 \: g/mol) = 131.5\:...

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