What is the percent composition of chlorine in {eq}MgCl_2 {/eq}?


What is the percent composition of chlorine in {eq}MgCl_2 {/eq}?

Percent Composition:

The molar mass of the constituent elements and the chemical formula of a compound can be provide essential information. We can determine how much one element accounts for the total mass of the compound by using the percent composition. The percent composition is often in terms of mass. To determine the percent composition, we can use the following formula:

{eq}\rm percent~composition = \dfrac{mass~of~element~in~1~mol~of~compound}{total~mass~of~compound}\times100 ~ \%\ {/eq}

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The molar mass of the substances involved in determining the percent composition of Cl in Magnesium Chloride are:

  • Molar Mass Cl = 35.45 grams per...

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