What is the {eq}OH^- {/eq} concentration of a solution that is 0.28 M in {eq}Na_2CO_3 {/eq}?


What is the {eq}OH^- {/eq} concentration of a solution that is 0.28 M in {eq}Na_2CO_3 {/eq}?

Polyprotic Base:

The simplest type of Bronsted base species is a monoprotic one. Each particle of the monoprotic base contains one available non-bonding valence electron pair, which can remove a proton from a water molecule in aqueous solution. If this protonation step is weak, then a single protonation equilibrium is formed with a single small constant of {eq}K_b << 1 {/eq}. A polyprotic base particle has multiple non-bonding valence electron pairs that become protonated in solution. Therefore, there are multiple protonation equilibria and {eq}K_b {/eq} values. In theory, all of them can contribute hydroxide ion product, but in practice the first equilibrium will dominate.

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Sodium carbonate is a soluble salt compound that dissociates in a 2:1 ratio of sodium cations and carbonate anions. Therefore, 0.28 M sodium carbonate...

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