What is the name of this compound: {eq}CH_3OCH_2CH_2CH_3 {/eq}?


What is the name of this compound: {eq}CH_3OCH_2CH_2CH_3 {/eq}?

Organic Nomenclature:

In organic chemistry, the same molecular formula can easily represent a large number of different molecules. For example, C{eq}_6 {/eq}H{eq}_{12} {/eq}O{eq}_6 {/eq} is the molecular formula for glucose, mannose, galactose, and any other hexose as well as many non-sugar molecules. To deal with the large number of possible names, we use a set of rules to name molecules very specifically. These set of rules (set by IUPAC) represent the nomenclature that allow different molecules with the same molecular formula to be properly named.

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To determine the name of a compound, we start by drawing out the Lewis structure:

From there, we determine the longest continuous carbon chain, which is the 3 carbons on the right; all connected by single bonds. Therefore, we know that the end of the name will be propane. The only substituent to the propane chain is a "methoxy" group at a terminal atom (making it the 1 position). A methoxy group is a CH{eq}_3 {/eq}-O- group. Therefore, the name is 1-methoxypropane.

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