What is the molecular geometry of CIF_4^+?


What is the molecular geometry of CIF{eq}_4^+ {/eq}?

Lewis Structures:

To better understand the bonding of atoms and where this bonding places the individual atoms relative to one another geometrically, Gilbert N. Lewis developed an electron dot structure also called Lewis' structures. Each element's symbol is written with its valence electrons shown as dots single or paired on any of its four sides. The following are examples of Hydrogen and Carbon dot structures:

These individual structures can then be assembled together to represent a molecule showing the bonding between the atoms by electron pairs. These pairs are symbolized as dots or can be converted into a single line that represents the bonding pair between them. The following are examples of methane, CH{eq}_4 {/eq}:

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The geometric shape of ClF{eq}_4^+ {/eq} is a seesaw geometry. Normally any saturated molecule (containing all single bonds) without an unshared pair...

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