What is the molarity of a solution of KOH if 16.55 mL of the solution was needed to neutralize...


What is the molarity of a solution of {eq}\rm KOH {/eq} if {eq}\rm 16.55\ mL {/eq} of the solution was needed to neutralize {eq}\rm 18.55\ mL {/eq} of a {eq}\rm 1.50\ M\ H_2SO_4 {/eq} solution?


Titration is the process where we determined the concentration of an unknown solution by using a solution of a known solution. This process is done by neutralizing the solution. Suppose we want to know the concentration of a basic solution, then we will use an acidic solution of known concentration and vice-versa.

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According to the law of titration:

$$\begin{align} V_1S_1=V_2S_2 \end{align} $$


  • {eq}V_1 {/eq} is the volume of the acidic solution.
  • {eq}...

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