What is the molarity of a 14.7% N a C l O 3 solution if the density of the solution is 1.09...


What is the molarity of a 14.7% {eq}NaClO_3 {/eq} solution if the density of the solution is 1.09 g/mL?

(a) 0.138 M

(b) 1.51 M

(c) 0.092 M

(d) 0.00151 M

(e) 0.147 M


The molarity is the most common way in chemistry to define the concentration of a solute species inside of a solution (homogeneous mixture). The units are {eq}\rm mol/L {/eq} (abbreviated "M") because the molarity value describes the solute moles dissolved per liter of solution. If you need to calculate a molarity for a solute, then you may not know the solute moles and solution volume directly. However, you may know the solute concentration in a different form, such as a mass percent. You can find the molarity from other forms of solute concentration, provided you know the appropriate conversion factors.

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Answer: b

This is an aqueous solution where sodium chlorate is the solute. The given mass percent value is based on the following fraction:


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