What is the medial bone of the forearm in anatomical position?


What is the medial bone of the forearm in anatomical position?

Directional Terminology in Anatomy:

Directional terminology in anatomy and physiology provides a standard for describing the relative position and location of anatomical features. Having this standardized terminology allows for concise communication between professionals in the medical field.

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The medial bone of the forearm in anatomical position is the ulna.

The bones of the forearm are the radius and the ulna. The radius is located on the thumb side of the forearm and the ulna is located on the little finger side of the forearm. In order to identify which bone of the forearm is medial, or towards the center of the body, we need to know the position of the arm in the standard anatomical position for humans. In anatomical position for humans, the arms will be at the sides of the body with the palms facing forward and the thumbs pointing away from the body. In this position, the ulna is towards the center of the body.

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