What is the meaning of sonnet 29 by George Santayana?


What is the meaning of sonnet 29 by George Santayana?

The Sonnet:

A first step in understanding any work of poetry is analysis of its form. The sonnet is a 14-line poem with a standard rhyme scheme and a regular meter. There are different categories of sonnet, depending on the nature of the rhyme scheme. The sonnet is a form that became very popular in the early modern period, and continues to be popular today. Many of the most famous sonnets (By Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Marlowe, etc.) center around themes of romantic love. The Shakespearean, or Elizabethan, Sonnet, ends with a rhymed couplet, while the Petrarchan sonnet ends with a sestet (six-line sequence) that has an interwoven rhyme scheme. Santayana's poem is a Petrarchan sonnet.

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One thing that is unique about sonnet 29 by George Santayana is that the topic is social and communal rather than individual and romantic. This is a...

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