What is the electron configuration of an F^- ion? a. 1s^2 2s^2 2p^4 b. 1s^2 2s^2 2p^5 c. 1s^2...


What is the electron configuration of a F{eq}^-{/eq} ion?

a. {eq}1s^2 2s^2 2p^4{/eq}

b. {eq}1s^2 2s^2 2p^5{/eq}

c. {eq}1s^2 2s^2 2p^6{/eq}

d. {eq}1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^1{/eq}

Electron Configuration:

The distribution of the electrons at various energy levels around the nucleus of an atom is elucidated by its electron configuration. This configuration is written in the form {eq}\rm nl^e {/eq}. Here, the energy level is {eq}\rm n {/eq} while the subshell is {eq}\rm l {/eq}. The number of electrons found in the subshell is {eq}\rm e {/eq}.

Answer and Explanation:

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The answer is c. {eq}\rm \mathbf{1s^2~2s^2~2p^6} {/eq}.

Aufbau principle states that the order of filling up the subshells with electrons starts...

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