What is the busiest organ of the human body?


What is the busiest organ of the human body?

Busiest Organ of the Body:

An organ is a collection of tissues working together towards the same purpose. The liver is an organ that works to detoxify the blood. Kidneys and bladder are organs that eliminate waste from the body in the form of urine. Other examples of organs are the brain, heart, intestines, spleen, etc..

Answer and Explanation: 1

All organs of the body are equally important and are working around the clock to make sure that the body is working and alive. Our heart works tirelessly 24/7 until we die to make sure we have blood pumping. Our brain works constantly as well; even when we are asleep. So it's difficult to say which organ is the busiest; they are all working at all times making sure we are alive, but if one were to choose just one, weight must be given to the brain as it deals with so much input and output of information signals.

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