What is the ABO blood classification based on?


What is the ABO blood classification based on?

The ABO System:

The ABO system is the system of classification we currently use for determining a person's blood type. You can be A, B, AB or O under this system. Knowing your blood type is important because it determines what type of blood you can receive in a transfusion, and who is able to receive your blood.

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The ABO blood classification is based on the presence or absence in your red blood cells of two types of antigens: A and B antigens. If you only have A antigens, you have blood type A. If you only have B antigens, you are blood type B. If you have both antigens, you are AB, and if you have neither of these antigens, then you are type O. Similarly, if you have type A antigens and you got a transfusion of type B blood, your body would see the type B antigens as invaders and your immune system would react against it. People with type O blood can only receive type O blood because their body will react against both A and B antigens. However, people of any blood type can receive type O blood, and people with type AB blood can receive any blood type.

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