What is physical anthropology?


What is physical anthropology?

Physical Anthropology:

Anthropology is the study of people with the aim of understanding the human condition, past and present. It not only looks at humans biologically but also culturally while looking to understand the interrelationships of the two. In general, anthropologist are concerned with determining what are humans, how did we evolve, and how we differ from each other and other species. The study of anthropology is often divided into subdisciplines of which physical anthropology is one.

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Physical anthropology is a subdiscipline of anthropology in general focused on studying human biological and physiological characteristics and how they developed over time. It works in areas like human and nonhuman primate evolution, variation in human physical development and its significance (an example is why the development of races), and the biological cause of human behavior (an example, why do humans develop rituals like religious, political, and social rituals). All in all, it is the study of us and what sets humans apart from other species.

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