What is named after Margaret Taylor Hance?


What is named after Margaret Taylor Hance?

Margaret Taylor Hance

Margaret Taylor Hance (1923-1990) was the first female mayor of Phoenix, Arizona in the late 1970s - mid-1980s. She is best known for creating the Phoenix Mountain Reserve, two of the parks within the reserve are considered some of the world's largest city parks.

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A public park above the Papago Freeway Tunnel (in Phoenix, Arizona) was named Margaret T. Hance Park, due to the former mayor's advocacy for the creation of the park.

In 2016, a $118 million plan was unveiled to enhance the 32.5 acre park into a newly revitalized recreational area that could host special events for the city.

In 2020, a final plan was approved for continued refinement of the park through the Margaret T. Hance Revitalization Project. The project is being spearheaded by the Hance Park Partner Coalition, a public-private partnership between the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, the Phoenix Community Alliance and the Hance Park Conservancy.

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