What is mean by electric constant? Explain including equation.


What is mean by electric constant? Explain including equation.

Coulomb's Law:

Electric fields can be generated by any object or particle with charge. Now when another charged particle enters this field, it has its own electric field and is also affected by the electric field due to the other charge. We can calculate the force that the particles exert on one another using Coulomb's law:

{eq}\displaystyle F = \frac{k q_1 q_2 }{r^2} {/eq}


  • {eq}\displaystyle k = 9\ \times\ 10^9\ Nm^2/C^2 {/eq} is the Coulomb constant
  • {eq}\displaystyle q_1, q_2 {/eq} are the two charges
  • {eq}\displaystyle r {/eq} is the separation between the two charges

The sign of the force is negative for attractive forces, and positive for repulsive forces.

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There are two possible constants here, which are:

  • {eq}\displaystyle \epsilon_0 = \frac{1}{\mu_0 c^2} = 8.85\ \times\ 10^{-12}\ F/m {/eq}

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