What is letter 'h' in the Hebrew alphabet?


What is letter 'h' in the Hebrew alphabet?

The Letter 'H' in the Hebrew Alphabet:

Depending on the language in which it is used, the letter 'h' may use either a rough or a soft breathing. In ancient Greek, for example, the letter eta was originally used at the beginnings of words as 'h' is in English, but then became a vowel used after consonants as in the words Socrates and rhetor; and a rough-breathing mark was substituted for it in words that began with a vowel. In Latin, on the other hand, the 'h' continued to be used as in English, though it was combined with other consonants only in words borrowed from Greek such as philosophia (which in Greek is spelled with the letter phi) and theologia (which is spelled with the letter theta).

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The English letter 'h' is used to transliterate the Hebrew letter he, which makes the same sound at the beginning of words as well as in the middle...

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