What is integrated marketing communications and why is it becoming increasingly accepted? (In...


What is integrated marketing communications and why is it becoming increasingly accepted? (In Business)

Integrated marketing communications:-

integrated marketing communications is the process of Evaluation and measurement of market in market because IMC is method to used the in external environment and the word communication is the two way dynamic process in which there is an exchange of ideas through sender to receiver by encoding and decoding and the success and failure of the communication is depends on its feedback.

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The term of . IMC is that?s used to strategies that focus on keeping communications regally in terms of language, messaging, imagery, and feel. It is one that might be answered different by various companies .However, when it comes down to a basic definition, most experts agree that integrated marketing communications is just about making sure that all the information your brand puts out into the world is consistent with your brand identity. With a disciplined it is an approach, you can work on building your brand into a house-hold name, increase chances for cross-pollination among marketing strategies, and deliver better customer experience. In other words, this technique can give even small businesses the chance to jet-power their branding and marketing strategies. After all, when all of your company marketing elements work together in harmony, you create a more seamless journey from one communications channel to the next. Basically, this strategy is all about integrating the different promotional strategies, tetchiness, and materials that you use, so that they work together as a ?branding suite?, rather than a loose collection of ideas. That?s better for your company, and your customers. An integrated marketing communications plan is about bringing all of your marketing and branding techniques together to develop a tight, seamless, and professional nature for your company.

They become increasingly accepted for several reasons. media, Advertising, a very popular promotional method in the past, it used less today because of its high cost and less predictable audience sizes. Markets now can take advantages of more precisely targeted promotional tools, for example cable TV, direct mail, DVDs, the internet, the special interest magazines, and podcasts. Data bases are also allowing marketers to be more precise in targeting individual customers.

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