What is composition writing in the English language?


What is composition writing in the English language?

University Composition Requirements:

Each university or community college labels and designates composition courses differently. Most schools require the completion of two composition courses toward a bachelor's degree, and in most cases, the first required course is designated to the English department. However, sometimes the second course will be based on a student's major. Some of these might still be in the English Department, but others will have another department designation. For example, an engineering student might have to take a technical writing course in the English Department while a biology student's second course might be in the Biology Department.

Answer and Explanation:

Composition writing is generally equivalent to academic essay writing. However, it also includes other types of formal writing and multimedia creations that include a significant amount of text.

Introductory college-level composition courses usually include a few different writing projects, such as summaries, informative essays, narrative essays, and professional posters or presentations, most often culminating in an argumentative essay. Such courses involve learning general academic research and citation skills. Sometimes they include lessons on appropriate mechanics and grammar.

Advanced college composition courses vary more greatly among schools. If the second course is in the English department, it will most often focus on argumentation. Otherwise, the course will focus on common writing practices in the designated field.

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