What is basic like NaOH, from the following: 1) CH_3NH_2 2) (CH_3)_2NH 3) (CH_3)_3N 4) ...


What is basic like NaOH, from the following:

1. CH3NH2

2. (CH3)2NH

3. (CH3)3N

4. (N(CH3)4])^-(OH^-)

5. 2,4,6-aniline

What is the reason?

Strong Base:

A strong base is a substance that can deprotonate most molecules in aqueous solution, to produce a very weak conjugate acid. The most common choices for strong bases are various group 1 and 2 metal hydroxide salts. These salts either fully dissociate or partially dissociate to produce a sufficient aqueous concentration of the hydroxide ion. The hydroxide ion itself is the component that acts as the strong base.

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Answer: 4

Sodium hydroxide is a fully soluble salt that dissociates in solution to give hydroxide ions:

{eq}NaOH (s) \rightarrow Na^+ (aq) + OH^-...

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