What is advanced digital forensics?


What is advanced digital forensics?

Rules of Digital Evidence:

The rules of digital evidence are constantly evolving as technology changes. The rules are meant to protect both the public and law enforcement from the misuse of information.

These rules can be broken down into four main areas, which include:

  1. Procedural Rules: These include how digital evidence is collected and stored, how it is accessed, what constitutes admissible evidence, what types of communication are protected by privilege, and when warrants can be issued.
  2. Interpretive Rules: These include how digital evidence should be analyzed to determine its authenticity or relevance in a given situation.
  3. Presumptive Rules: These include making reasonable inferences based on the presence of certain artifacts, such as file systems, e-mail headers, or the CVSS scores.

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Advanced digital forensics is a term used to describe advanced computer science and data analysis techniques to investigate cybercrime. Digital...

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